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The Boring Afternoon, in Filid Chapbook Three


How would you describe Jasmine’s writing?

angry boys, angry girls, lots of anger basically, also fire, world-building that makes me go whooaaaa wait what SHINY, banter, psychopaths
— Stephanie Hough (Jasmine’s friend)

…what first leaps to mind are spaceships/sci-fi gadgetry and mental health issues. Take as you will.
— André Gelenynse (Jasmine’s flatmate)

I like
your characters
— Kendra Swallow (another of Jasmine’s friends)

“It’s like being in a sensory deprivation tank with Oscar Wilde.”
-James Worrad (Jasmine’s classmate (okay, gwan, and friend too))

“You are in the top 30 writers in the world for you age group!”
Elizabeth Stairs (Jasmine’s sister)

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