What on earth is going on here?

Well, there are two answers to your questions. One involves a long explanation of the  history of computers, and so I’ll just refer you to this page. The other one– which more honestly is probably the answer you were looking for– is that for my International Studies course I am required to build a website.

I go to the best school.

Why did you name this site “Non-Trivial Things?” What were you thinking?

Because one of the most inspiring things I have heard recently, on a “how should I direct my time,” base-inspiration level, was a directive from Kij Johnson. She taught part of a writing workshop which I attended, and as we staggered– exhausted and exasperated– towards the finish line of week 5, she told us “Do not waste your talent on trivial stories.”  And that seems like a good idea for my whole life.

Why do you have a picture of a tree up there on the About page? Does it mean something significant?

It means  I own the copyright to that picture, having taken it myself with my very own camera. And this site needed a picture.

Tell me what you think! Please.