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  1. Lesley Smith

    Just wanted to say hi. I’m thinking of applying to Clarion and your blog’s been most helpful!

    Random Q which has been bugging me. You mentioned you went to Comic Con – yay!! – is that something you organised as a group or was it something the Clarion folks organised for you?

    1. Snazel

      Hi Lesley!

      Well, it was kinda both. Thanks to a very generous benefactor, for the past couple of years Clarion attendees have been given one-day passes to comic-con. So that was obviously awesome! But also, and also awesome, one of my classmates regularly attended SDCC for business, and for business he had two passes– one in his pen name and one in his IRL name. Because he could only use one at a time, several of us were able to go for extra days as well, which was amazing. 😀


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