Bout of Books Day 6

Day 6

Time Devoted to Reading

This is a long weekend, for me. I get monday off for Victoria Day. Every time I take a long weekend there is a day in there that is just lost, somehow. Don’t know where it went. That was today, for me. I looked up at what I thought was lunch time and it was 5 pm. (Well that explains why I was so hungry…) And at that point I sat down to read for 2-3 hours, (Okay I ate something and then I sat down to read) and the book I chose was truly PHENOMENAL, so it all worked out okay.

My Goals

I have now completed 5 ouf of 6 goal books. My original goal is complete, and the next one looks to be in sight. And with Saturday’s reading hitting 327 pages, I am now at 1736 pages for the week. That is not bad at all.

Books Read

The Princess Curse, Merrie HaskellSaturday’s reading is also on the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award ballot, and as much as yesterday’s reading just did not work for me, this one totally did.

You guys, I have a new auto-buy author. Merrie Haskell, I LOVE you.

This book has collected everything I love and tenderly layered it into a trifle. Let’s see, you’ve got:

  • Awkward Dad who is the worst at showing he loves you until he [SPOILERS] travels to the land of the dead and offers to burn down the world to get you back [END SPOILERS]
  • Folktale crossovers including 12 Dancing Princesses, Beauty and the Beast, and Hades and Persephone
  • A main character who has weighed her future options and wants to join a convent so she can be a herbalist instead of getting married.
  • Main character who posesses a difficult skill which is important to the story
  • Medieval people who feel both incredibly human and totally medieval; they believe in magic, the efficacy of praying over cures as you brew them, and marriage as contract, and the narrative doesn’t make fun of them for it.
  • No-nonsense, competent heroine with a sharp tongue.

Bonus points for showing the difference between a book based in “European-Type Fantasy Land” and a book which actually draws on European history and folklore.

Extra bonus points for this first line;

“Three days after my thirteenth birthday, Armas, the Executioner and Chief of Prisons, came for me while I ate breakfast.”

4 thoughts on “Bout of Books Day 6

  1. Lisa

    This book sounds totally interesting. I wonder if I can find it here in the States. A lot of times, books elsewhere just are not available here. Thursday was my lost day. My brother’s wife had her baby and I did not read really anything!

    1. Snazel Post author

      I think you should be able to find it in the States! I read the US version, I picked it up when I was in Boston, in fact. And a new baby is an excellent reason to postpone the reading. Congratulations! 😀


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