I’m doing the Debut Author Challenge!

Because I’ve done it for the last couple years, and I haven’t let my complete lack of success stop me before, so why now?

For those of you who don’t live in my corner of the internet, have some details. Participators in the DAC pledge to (attempt to) read 12 Young Adult or Middle Grade books by debut authors– this is the first book published in the MG or YA markets by these authors. And then participants pledge to review said books on Goodreads, Tumblr, Youtube, Amazon, a personal blog or any other venue that is open to the public. The idea is that you expose yourself to new authors you might not see otherwise, and you also tell other people about the books.

In the past I’ve read a lot of duds, but I’ve also come across some of my absolute favourite authors through this challenge. So, hoping that I come across more favourites, here is my shortlist of 12 books I will attempt to read!

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(I reserve the right to change to other debuts if they are easier to find, and/or to not complete this challenge due to life, lack of funds, lack of library resources, etc.)

Tell me what you think! Please.