on being small

My little siblings are staying with me for the weekend. It is both excellent and fun to have them around, and educational to remember exactly what it is like to be younger.

For example, my little brother is five, and he feels the need to climb EVERYTHING. This includes lamp posts, trees and me. And then he jump off. And then he runs ahead to look at more things. He’s just curious about EVERYTHING, and that mixed to gather with glee about what your body can do– jumping! Climbing! Smelling things! Eating! — is a potent mixture.

He also decided that smelling things kept him awake, so he spent the night breathing through his mouth, thereby manufacturing a raspy snore and a cough which he managed to sleep through. In slightly related news, my body isn’t quite as good at doing things as my little brother’s is, today. He is full of boundless energy. I am faking it with the aid of coffee.

2 thoughts on “on being small

  1. Stevie Stairs

    Thank You Jasmine!!! oxxoxoxoxoxo You are the most excellent to do this! I love your observations! 🙂 You are correct!


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