Heads up!

So I’ve ostensibly been doing a bunch of research for the novel I’m writing in May.

Note the “ostensibly” in that sentence.

I am getting research done! Just not as much as I would like. I distract easily. And I especially distract easily in a town with two new library systems I can hit up. I’ve been doing a lot of reading…

So, it is time to put some brakes on my reading habits. I am going to go back to reviewing books that I read that are not directly related to writing research (because I’m not thinking you’re going to want a review of “In The Hour Of Our Death”), because knowing I need to talk about a book slows down the panicked rate of book-inhalation I’m prone to.

I will still be doing the long-form reviews at Scape, but expect some short-form reviews to pop up here in the future.

P.S. Also, I switched blog services, so if you want to receive blog posts by email, you may need to sign up again. The old list got eaten.

Tell me what you think! Please.