“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”

I found this video today, and it delights me. It reminded me how the world, and how the world is constructed, is truly amazing. I’m pretty sure that the people quoted did not mean it in a theistic way, but I’m DIFFERENT, okay? 😀

Quotes from Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, auto-tuned and toyed with.
(Also, you can do amazing things with language and the description of the world, eh?)

Also, I went to the library for a write-in! This time the internet kicked me off, so I got almost a thousand words written. Which is a thousand words more than I had yesterday! 😀

Additionally, St Thomas gave me the gift of not accepting my credits, so that they are are not the clear leader in the university search. So now I get to play CHOOSE THE SCHOOL this weekend, which is a game we all love to play. ^_^

I hope your day was full of things to be happy about!

Tell me what you think! Please.