I am the Everyman.

Today I had one of those moments, that I’m sure we are all totally familiar with, where you look at the website of your chosen university, and you notice that half of the students are boys. This, of course, is when gentle fingers of terror close around your heart, and you develop a strong desire to crawl into your drop-safe and disappear.

Also, a 59 year old man asked me out on a date. Or more specially, to “share a box of chicken some night.” he then mentioned marriage, and I said all my evenings were full.

So yes, my life continues to be perfectly normal.

2 thoughts on “I am the Everyman.

  1. Bahnree

    I asked a nice boy to share a box of chicken with me some night. I'm getting a hint that that's not the best pick-up line ever.

    JOKES, JOKES. That's hilarious.

    And re: 50% boys…Wow, there are so many tacts I could take with this.
    Silly: “Yum.”
    Serious: “Just remember they're people too. I think of how much they must annoy their sisters, personally.”
    Actually I'll stop there, before I get to “Intellectual” and “Inappropriate.”

  2. Snazel

    Dude, I totally want you to continue. 😀 😀

    RE: The non-successful pickup line- no, it wasn't the best ever. The fact that I could see his age, his bank account number, and his horrible goatee didn't help either.


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