I just got off work and then Bahnree pops up in my g-chat and goes. “So how much have you read for the read-a-thon?”

And my intelligent response was “wait, that started already?”

She said to check the times. So that’s when I found out that this started 9:00 AM this morning, not 5:00 EDT as I thought. So- I’m late. But I was working and eating for almost all that time! I swear!

Here are the books I’m hoping to get through, you know, if the fates smile on me.

Mistwood, Leah Cypess
Restoring Harmony, Joelle Anthony
A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend, Emily Horner
Brightly Woven, Alexandra Bracken
Nice And Mean, Jessica Leader

So here is my official starting line. ReadyGO.

10 thoughts on “Auuuuuugh!

  1. Candace

    Brightly Woven is good! And it was a day read for me when it WASN'T a Read a thon, so that one should be easy enough. I want to read Mistwood bad! Good luck on getting those books read!

  2. Snazel

    @Brooke: I haven't read the Emily Horner book yet, but it's next on my list!
    @Candace: Thanks for the luck! *pockets* Brightly Woven WAS good, and not what I was expecting. 😀

  3. Carina

    That's okay, any reading is good reading, even if you start late! It was still the same day. Here's cheering for you through the home stretch!


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