Commercials are epic.

So, at work there is a television that is playing all the time. It’s mostly there for clients to watch when they’re in line, but when the branch isn’t busy I get to watch it. “Get to” watch the Weather Network and CMT.

Those of you who know my personality know that the fact that I now almost enjoy watching CMT is an example of how chinese water torture repetition can be used to break people even change one’s music preferneces!

ANYWAY. *cough* I also get to watch commercials a lot!

Like this one.

*quiet whimpering* I had to go find that, and then I had to hear it, and now I’m gonna go curl into a ball and cry now, please. TOO MUCH REPETITION. MAKE IT STOOOOOOPPPP….


Okay, so there are many commercials. Some are terrible, and frankly, should be burned. We should find all the copies and code, and burn them. Publicly. With great rejoicing. But there are also good videos among the sludge! I indent to use the rest of this post to share some of the good ones. 😀 Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Commercials are epic.

  1. Pine Cone Boy

    Ha, the mobile home one is indeed epic. Very nice.

    In other news, I am going to begin sharing the word verification words I get for this blog, because they are interesting words which should be used for something interesting.



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